Frankreich: Orange startet mit unik UMA basierte FMC. Andere Länder sollen folgen.

Orange bietet seit heute in Frankreich unter dem Namen "unik" FMC Dienste an. Die Niederlande, UK, Spanien und Polen sollen folgen. Durch die Nutzung der UMA Technologie können nahtlose Übergänge vom WLAN Netz ins Mobilfunknetz während des Gesprächs ermöglicht werden. Unterstützte Handies sind Nokia 6136, Samsung P200 und Motorola A910

Paris, September 25th, 2006

Orange launches unik: a new generation of telephone

With unik, Orange is the 1st operator to offer its customers genuine convergence
An unrivalled offer: a single telephone, a single number, a single address book, at home or
on the move

With Livebox, enjoy unlimited calls 7/24 to all fixed lines in France and Orange mobiles

Launching first in France where it will be available from 5th October 2006, unik is a telephone that, as
well as offering standard mobile communication, offers unlimited calls to fixed lines and Orange
mobiles when you are near a Livebox at home or at work.
The unik phone will be rolled out across other Orange European markets including the Netherlands,
UK, Spain and Poland. Each market will tailor its proposition to meet specific customer and market
Speaking on the launch of unik, Didier Lombard, President and Director General of the France
Télécom group, declared “
The commercial launch of unik announces the advent of a new generation
of telephones. Today, people use the phone in a different way. With broadband, the use of Internet,
mobiles, Voice over IP, and high definition technologies for sound and vision, our communication
habits are changing very rapidly. unik re-invents the telephone, by unifying fixed and mobile worlds.
This offer has no equivalent on the market and is also the first real convergence offer, dreamed up,
developed and commercialised by the group under the Orange brand, and the result of the work of
our Technocentre. unik will allow our customers in France, and shortly in the Netherlands, the United
Kingdom, Spain and Poland, to live this heralded new telecommunications experience in their daily
personal and professional lives”.

unik re-invents the telephone.
It brings together the best of the fixed and mobile worlds in a single handset: a single phone, a single
number (starting 06), a single address book, the best network and the best price.

At home or in the office, the mobile handset connects to the Livebox by WiFi and all
communication transits through the Internet network, offering perfect cover, at home or in the
office, and allows unlimited calls 7/24 to all fixed lines in Metropolitan France and Orange mobiles.

Outside, unik operates as a standard mobile. Calls are charged according to the customer’s usual
Orange plan.

unik offers real continuity of service.
A call started with unik via the Livebox automatically switches over to the Orange mobile network, as
soon as you leave the house, without cutting you off (handover). Screen icons keep customers
constantly informed of the network connection.
A call that you started at home remains included in your unlimited offer, even when you step out of
the house. It is also possible to connect several unik telephones to the Livebox and make up to three
simultaneous outgoing calls in unlimited mode, confirming unik’s status as a new-generation personal

With new Orange, France Télécom consolidates its integrated operator strategy and marks a
fundamental stage in its promise of simplicity and convergence making live easier for customers in
mobility, at home or in the office.

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