Dänemark: Erster kommerzieller UMA Dienst von Telia

Mit Home Free bietet Telia, die dänische Tochter des TeliaSonera Konzerns, als erstes Unternehmen einen FMC Dienst, basierend auf der UMA Technik an im Großraum Kopenhagen kommerziell an.
Pressemitteilung TeliaSonera:

TeliaSonera launches the voice solution of the future

TeliaSonera is first in the world to introduce a voice solution that combines mobile communications and wireless broadband. TeliaSonera’s new voice solution, today launched in Denmark, creates a completely new product category on the telecommunications market, as the mobile phone and voice over IP become merged in one and the same telephone.

The migration from fixed voice services to mobile and Internet-based services is currently the most powerful trend in telecommunications. TeliaSonera’s new combined voice solution in Denmark supports the Group’s strategy, i.e. to take the lead in this migration.

– This new mobile IP service is cutting edge technology, and it simplifies the use of voice services. The launch of mobile IP in Denmark is the first step in the introduction of telecommunications solutions of the future in the market, says Kenneth Karlberg, President of TeliaSonera Norway, Denmark, Baltic Countries & Spain.

The voice service of the future is called Home Free
Mobile IP is based on the UMA standard (Unlicensed Mobile Access), which enables a mobile phone to function as an IP phone at home through a wireless network (WiFi). The user can make calls at lower IP rates when at home and use the phone as a normal mobile phone outside the home.

The telephone has both a normal fixed-network number and a mobile phone number, which makes it possible to call the user with the fixed-network number regardless of the user’s location.

- With Home Free – as the new product is called – the user gets a simple voice service: one phone, one address book, and one bill, says Jesper Brøckner, President of Telia Denmark.

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Birgitta Grafström, Communications Manager, TeliaSonera Norway, Denmark, Baltic Countries & Spain, through TeliaSonera Press Service, tel +46-8-713 58 30.

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