BBDO Consulting: "Zwei Drittel aller Telcos werden innerhalb der nächsten drei Jahre FMC Dienste in ihrem Portfolio haben"

Der israelische Netzausrüster Outsmart veröffentlicht Ergebnisse einer Expertenbefragung von BBDO Consulting unter Netzbetreibern, Herstellern, Analysten, VCs, Systemintegratoren und anderen. Demzufolge werden innerhalb der nächsten drei Jahre über 65% aller Telcos weltweit FMC Dienste anbieten.

Die Befragten gaben auf die Frage, welchen Dienst oder Vorteil sie mit FMC in Verbindung stellten, folgendes an (Mehrfachantworten möglich):
- 75% Dual Mode Handy
- 34% Einheitliche Telefonrechnung
- 27% Home Zone Tarif
- 13% Konvergente Mailbox
- 09% Skype-artige Lösung
- 11% Sonstige
Outsmart Pressemitteilung:

Dual-Mode Handset Ranked #1 Fixed-Mobile Convergence Service, New Survey Shows

Over 65% of Operators Will Have Implemented FMC Into Their Service Platform Within the Next Three Years

Tel Aviv, Israel - December 12, 2006 – Outsmart Ltd., a leading provider of network convergence, IMS, and IN based solutions, announced today the results of an FMC-market survey conducted by BBDO Consulting. The results show that over 65% of fixed and mobile operators will have implemented Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) services into their product suites over the next three years, while within the FMC market the survey found a dual-mode handset to be the most recognizable type of FMC service, with 75% of respondents’ identification. In addition to focusing on the FMC market in general, the survey also focused on specific FMC services and brand recognition of major FMC service providers.

The survey participants included operators, vendors, analysts, VCs, SI and others. Dr. Erez Manhaimer from BBDO Consulting explains, “The sample group included subjects from various management levels from over 30 operators worldwide. This enabled us to get a significant overview of the different perceptions in the growing FMC market and to better understand the trends within the industry.”

When asked to define the types of services or benefits they associate with FMC, and being able to mention more than one, 75% of respondents chose a dual-mode handset. Others solutions included one phone bill (34%), a home zone rate plan (27%), voicemail convergence (13%), a Skype-like solution (9%), or other (11%). Respondents were able to mention more than one type of service.

As for planning to implement FMC into their services, 26% of respondents said they have already implemented it, 11% said they planned on implementing some services by the end of the year, 18% said they planned on doing it by next year, while 13% said they intended to implement some FMC services within the next 3 years. 13% of respondents did not yet plan to implement FMC into their service, and 19% said it was not relevant.

With regards to specific types of FMC services, such as a converged service that allows one to make calls on their mobile line over a PC, more than 91% of respondents said they would use the product either while traveling abroad, at home, or in the office, while just 9% said they would not use the product at all.

84% of respondents said they would use FMC services, with 55% saying they would utilize both at home and in the office, 21% saying they would use it only at home, 8% saying they would use it only for the office, and 13% saying the wouldn’t use these services at all.

In addition to focusing on the FMC market in general, the survey also focused on specific brand added recognition of major FMC service providers and their products. Outsmart was named as one of the top recognized companies to offer FMC products and solutions together with companies such as Ericsson, Nokia and Siemens as the most recognized vendors in the FMC market.

Outsmart’s products and services are offered as part of the company’s Smart™ 1.10 convergence platform, and include the Dual-Mode Handset service, that allows for the same user experience using both Wi-Fi and GSM/CDMA access. The service allows Wi-Fi to be utilized as the access technology while enabling mobile operators to provide more appealing rate plans to end-users.

Another service available through Outsmart's Smart™ 1.10 platform is the Secured Plug 'n Talk™ solution -- a preloaded soft phone on a USB memory stick, which transforms any PC into a mobile phone. It offers all the same services as a mobile phone, while allowing for an account with one phone number, identity and bill. The Secured Plug ‘n Talk identifies itself towards the GSM domain by using a regular SIM authentication procedure.

The survey data is based on online research conducted by BBDO Consulting Israel, during September 2006. For further survey data please contact Outsmart and BBDO Consulting.

About Outsmart
Outsmart is a leading provider of network convergence, IMS and Intelligent Networks (IN) based solutions. Founded in 2001 by a team of experts in the telecommunications industry, Outsmart enables operators to converge between mobile, fixed and IMS networks and supply a new set of revenue generating services, for both residential and business users. The Smart platform enables service providers to deliver a seamless end-user experience between fixed and mobile services, irrespective of subscribers’ location, access technology, or terminals and allows users to maintain one number, one device and one bill.
The company has propelled its reputation with successful live deployments on both GSM and CDMA networks and is affiliated with major industry players such as IBM, Siemens, and AudioCodes.
Outsmart has international headquarters based in Israel and offices in the UK, Spain, Germany and U.S.A, for more information, visit our web site at

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